Find Clothing For Eczema
Stop Scratching Right Now.

Treat eczema babies and kids with
our gentle Marigold Balm
Full of Calendula's healing powers.

If you can find clothing for eczema, that your child is happy to wear...I think you are a good way doen the road to getting at least some of your sanity back.

If you can ease the itching and irritation, not only does it help them, it gives your nerves a bit of a rest too.

Try to find organic cotton and silk that hasn't been treated with any chemicals, especially chlorine. I have found some lovely little sleep suits that just cover your kids hands so they can't scratch, they are a fab way to protect your little ones skin.

Apart from being antiallergenic it is also a fantastic way to help eczema toddlers feel a little bit bettr about their condition. If it means that they can wear funky clothes that are just a bit cooler than their mates then maybe, just maybe that itching and scratching won't feel so bad.

I have pooled together some of my favourite resources of clothes that I thought that you may like. What little boy wouldn't love this sleepsuit...?

It's great especially if you are having to wrap very wet eczema, and keeps them totally protected.

Its really breathable, and as you will know

Cool is always better

Less heat

Less scratching

And of course....Spiderman has one just like it!

Click the pic for more details.

You could try these ones for day wear or night wear.

A bit more discrete than the pyjamas, they should go with any outfit.

Click the pic....
Kids are supposed to be painting and glueing and creating mess. But its a worry not knowing how the chemicals will affect their hands.

Now you can relax and forget aboutit aggravating their eczema, toddlers will love their newfound freedom .

Not strictly clothing for eczema but I had to include it because I think its absolutely genius!

This pad goes over your pillow, you fill it with cold water and so it keeps your child cool.

More sleep maybe?

Let;s hope so, I think it's a damn good start.
There were simply too many p roductson this site to list, from the most gorgeous bright red tights to lovely silk nappies. The kidswear ais a bit more funky and fun.

You'll love them.

This site also sell loads of other stuff to help stop eczema in kids ruling your life.

Lovely bedding


Loads of stuff.

It's definitely worth a visit.

Go to Greenfibres

Don't forget to put dechlorination balls into your childs bath before you put on ther bedtime clothing for eczema.
It's worth pointing out that the best eczema product that we do for eczema in children is our marigold balm.

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