The Secret Of My Magic Face Wrinkles Cream ....

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The best face wrinkles cream that we make is called our "Skin Refining Cream".

More than just a moisturiser this is a cream that really smoothe out forehead wrinkles and pumps up the tissuey skin around the lips that is so prone to developing mouth wrinkles.

Although it is fine to use all year round I have a tendency to chop and change a bit with all the lovely creams that we make at The Apothecary but when Autumn comes I really feel I need the extra care that the Skin Refining Cream give me.

I don't know about you but I tend to start to notice dry skin on my face, just as the autumn winds start to blow and the weather starts to ravage.

My cheeks and lips in particular take a real bashing but I can't help but feel a little wistful and romantic as I root in my box of creams and get out my trusty pot of magic face wrinkles cream.

Somehow it marks the beginning of the mists of mellow fruitfulness and a gleeful tie of wrapping the kids up warm and getting out blackberry picking to start making the years jams.

In fact I don't think my skin ever looks better than it does at this time of year...I simply can't compete with the tanned lovelies in the summer, but as this sun scorched skin looks just that little bit jaded in the greyer autumn light, my skin looks smooth, radiant and luminous.

What I love the most is that I can happily go without make up and know that I have a wonderful healthy glow, and at nearly 40 I know that most of my friends are worrying about slapping on their eye wrinkle remover..

Not me.

My skin looks great, and it’s all down to natural facial products, because they are all I ever use.

Ok, So with the busy life that I lead, I'll admit that I can sometimes see the lines of forehead wrinkles starting to chisel away but the soothing effects of jasmin and linden blossom help my face relax and smoothe out.

Relaxing and hydrating but the Skin Refining Cream doesn't ust work as a face wrinkles cream it addresses all the effects that the weather and the environment blast on your skin.

But its not just the weather that can cause dry skin and dehydration, pollution from carbon monoxide in the outdoor air can be a terrible cause.

The worst reason still for the really dry skin that I have experienced over the years I have to say is being in an office. If you are sitting in an air conditioned room with a flourescent light and staring at a VDU maybe it hasn't struck you just how many positive ions are attacking you.

Trust me, they play havoc with your skin. Not only are they a big cause of wrinkles but theres every chance that your skin looks grimy too.

They've just got to go, if you want to get your skin looking radiant again.

That's the wonderful thing about this anti wrinkle skin cream,it sends out not just one rescue mission but several.

Not just moisturizing but cleaning and repairing as it goes.

So what does make this such a special face wrinkles cream?

well there are a few secrets hidden within.

Most importantly is that we don't just rely on essential oils but also use carrier oils to alter the cream itself, making it light and rich and beautifully luxurious.

What makes it so lovely and thick and creamy, but so amazingly light on your skin is the gorgeous blend of Camellia, Macadamia Nut and Linden Blossom Oils.

Camellia Sinensis is so rich in plant collagen and jam packed full of vitamin E, making it fantastic for nourishing your skin feeding your skin. Even better though is that it has very high levels of an acid called oleic acid which has the wonderful ability to reach down to the very deepest layers of your skin, ensuring that not only is it thoroughly smoothed and toned but also that the new layers of skin re-growth are in superb condition too.

Camellia is full of antioxidants so not only can will it protect and care for your skin but it also protects against sun damage too.

Now I love Linden Blossom, it's something about the way it feels on your fingers so silky and so light. But it reminds me of France too because it is so popular there for treating itchy skin. You see it everywhere. It's so soothing and refreshing.

Macadamia nut on the other hand is decadent and rich and lush. It has the most sublime emollient qualities and refines the skin exquisitely. It is thanks to the Macadamia nut that the wrinkles are abated, smoothed and ironed away.

Jasmine, beautiful seductive jasmine, nourishes the excessive dry skin but cools the heat and gives your skin that luxuriant glow. But a face wrinkles cream needs to do more for your skin than just than just smoothing it.

A face wrinkles cream needs to be hydrating, it needs to moisturizing, but even more than that it needs to be able to retain the skin against dryness.

The Palmarosa will rehydrate the skin but if the sebum glands do not understand what levels are needed, your moisture mask will be gone tomorrow.

Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang are a formidable team, coaching and balancing your sebaceous glands until your skin is literally a well oiled machine.

So all that is left now is to thank the lowly carrot seed oil, beavering away in the background, cleaning the skin, cleansing the pores, removing impactions and neutralising all of those troublesome ions that all of us are fighting in this 21 century filthy environment.

So there you have it.

The secret to really beautiful skin, clean, deeply hydrated and smoothed by Skin Refining Cream, your secret face wrinkles cream.

Luxury in a pot.

Make worries about wrinkles a thing of the past.

Skin Refining Cream -
Smother Skin With This Face Wrinkles Cream

£23 55ml

£4 postage and packaging.

We are happy to ship overseas.

I would recommend using your skin refining Cream with one of the other face wrinkles creams like the frankincense moisturizer from the prescription skin care range.
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