Ugh Pleurisy Symptoms?
That's Definititely Not Good....

Pleurisy symptoms is something that I could talk about to you forever and a day. I was diagnosed with pleurisy as a result of a pulmonary embolism when I was 11 weeks pregnant with Dexter.

Having given birth three times without pain relief I can tell you when people say that labour is the most painful thing you can will see me laughing my head off.

Without a doubt pleurisy is single most excruciating pain that I have ever experienced.

The fact that you have found this page implies to me that you are probably looking for a way to get a break from the suffering of the pain of your pleurisy symptoms. I am so sympathetic of what you are going through, I think that I can help you.

How To Recognise Pleurisy Symptoms

Do you fel pain in your chest when you breathe in and out?

In itself this could be an indicator of many different illnesses, if pleurisy is the cause the pain is much more a sharp stabbing pain rather than a tightness.

I felt the pain very severely in my ribs over the lung that had the clot in it.

The pain becomes much, much worse when you cough, or even worse, sneeze, if these are in fact symptoms of pleurisy. You may find that if you you sit or lie still that the pain subsides a little, certainly if you do move about pleurisy will feel a lot more painful.

I found it pretty impossible in first weeks of having it to even get off the settee to get to the loo, the pain made me feel lightheaded.

The other thing that was terrifying, wass that we have a very loving one-eyed cat who seems to zone in when you feel ill. He would try to climb on top of my ribs and the pressure on my chest would nearly shoot me through the ceiling.

Other telltale pleurisy symptoms are:-Struggling to be able to catch your breath.
A persistent dry cough
A high temperature but feeling very cold at the same time.

Don't breathe deeply!

By far the best tip that I can give you whilst you are waiting for your treatment is to change the way that you are breathing.

Try to take tiny gasps from the very top of your chest.

The lower into your lungs you reach for air the more that they will expand and the more it will hurt you.

Slow down your breathing, and just tiny shallow breaths. Remember if you gasp too quickly ou have a danger of becoming light headed.

To Recap : The Symptoms Of Pleurisy Are

Stabbing pain when breathing in.

The pain gets worse if you:

Move about,
Put any pressure on your chest.

Extreme shortness of breath.

Dry Cough

A high fever and chills

If this sounds like you, your first stop is to get the symptoms confirmed by the doctor.