Oregano oil benefits so many different people...but when you cut through all the hype, just how effective is it?

Since scientists at Bristol University revealed their findings about oregano oil benefits in the fight against the hospital superbug in 2008, the world has watched it with interest.

Since that time it has been hailed as the universal panacea treating every possible complaint from sore throats to candida and chicken pox, but just how true are all the reports?

Well firstly let me clarify that Oil Of Oregano and Oregano essential oil ARE NOT the same thing.

Oil of oregano is a blend of carrier oils and in some cases other essential oils, for example lemongrass mixed with oregano essential oil. As it contains the essential oil, it does have the physical qualities of the plant but in a diluted form. The emotional aspects of the plant will be similar but will also be affected by the other oils in the blend. By blending (or adulterating) the oil with other oils will totally change the vibration of the oil and so the spiritual aspects of the oregano essential oil are completely lost in the Oil of Oregano.

This is no way disparages the Oil of Oregano which certainly does have its place on the medicine shelf.

The concentrated oregano essential oil is a dermal irritant and so cannot be used neat on the skin. This would almost cerattinly lead to a nasty skin burn. The oil of oregano can be use atopically on most parts of the body.

Oregano oil Benefits - MRSA

Let's start by talking about the paper that started all the speculation about the Magic Oil.

There has been speculation for over a decade that essentail oils would hold the key to the abliteration of the superbug. Clinical trials had been very promising with many of the Melaleuca family, Manuka, Kanuka and Tea Tree oils had all shown remarkable assets against stapphillococal bacteria.

Based on this scientists across the world begaon to look very closely at just what oils could do.

In 2008, Bristol University in conjunction with a team of chemists in India identified that the carvacrol chemical constituent in the Oregano essential oil was able to kill the MRSA bacteria. In their trials the oregano oil benefits seemed to be far increeased in the particular himalayan strain they were testing.

Amazingly they found that not only was it able to directly attack microbes that had become antibiotic resistant but in the incredibly weak state of just 1/1000 dilution.

Clinical trials continue in this area but it is fair to comment that as aromatherapistss we should be aware of such a strong antibiotic oil.

So else can we make the most of the oregano oil benefits?

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