The Apothecary Offers
A Migraine Relief Alternative
Which Could End That Pain

Stop Your Nausea
And Put All Of Those Days
Just Lying In The Dark
Behind You.

The migraine relief alternative medicine offers is wide reaching, and I have to say, relies on many factors.

Definitely diet needs to be addressed to assess if there are any obvious

food triggers

General emotional well being can certainly have a bearing. In my experience there are certain emotions that always rear their ugly heads.

Mental fatigue is clearly significant but if you go deeper you may be able to pinpoint others that apply to you.

What about lack of confidence, or a fear of new things or possibly frustration?

More consequential may be feeling unsupported emotionally or perhaps you have a fear of yours or someone elses uncontrolled feelings.

Further, of substantial importance is some kind of deep seated trauma.

(See allergies)
Dependant on the magnitude of the impact that you feel that the emotions are having, you may feel that a counsellor may or may not be of support to you.

A migraine relief alternative therapy realistically should be addressing WHY it happens, not just masking the pain.

Vitamin therapy in my opinion is vital, as is chiropractic care.

Essential oils really make the therapy potent.
They detoxify, strengthen and alleviate the pain.

The oils to treat migraine are complex and in many cases not obvious.

The most important place to start to choose which oils to use is of course the pain. That's clear but more predominately ones that will also cross reference to treating the nervous system.

Simplicity works best here.

We use lavender, camomile and marjoram.

Marjoram has the added important effect that it also dilates blood vessels and so would be used in any condition where vascular disturbance is indicated.

This of course makes it an ideal migraine symptoms treatment.

Incidentally, marjoram is also very good where there is some kind of digestive upset....

Aren't essential oils clever?

I never stop marvelling at how aromatherapy works!

So that will cover us for the vomiting and nausea too.

Rosemary oil is a specific for nerve pain. It is also what we would terms as hepatic, that is that it is a tonic for the liver. I will point out here that THIS OIL IS NOT SUITABLE IF YOU SUFFER FROM EPILEPSY.

Eucalyptus, again is hepatic as is probably the most effective tool that we have for kick starting the liver to start to detoxify.

Bergamot too, will help in the same way, as will Cedarwood and even possibly Lemon Verbena if you really want to blend in a number of hepatic oils.

Do you understand what I mean when I say that you can put your finger on where the pain is?

So, Nutmeg and cinnamon leaf are both what I would class as a lesser known migraine relief alternative. They should be used in the absolute smallest dilutions because of their strength but will make all the difference to your blend. They are both remarkable mood enhancers so help to lift that terrible blackness that can descend but also somehow cinnamon leaf seems to kind of "crack that nut" of the pain, somehow.

In the case of migraine, I would recommend that unless you really have quite a lot of experience with essential oils, you give making a your own migraine relief alternative as a bad job to be honest!!

In my experience the last thing you want is the frustration of there being no progress, and still being in dreadful pain. Get the blend wrong and you could also feel even sicker- the smell of oils can often make me feel nauseous.

In this particular instance, I know I am biased but I would say just

Rely on the migraine relief alternative made by The Apothecary. The blend of 13 essential oils is correct and in the right proportion and it is very easy to use. the last thing you want from a migraine symptoms treatment is any more stress, isn't it for goodness sake?

I recommend that you adopt a two pronged approach.

It works differently to any other migraine relief alternative that I know of on the market.

Firstly, use it daily as a means to detoxify and strengthen your system. This is regardless of whether or not you have a headache.This gives you an opportunity to really build up a good level of the essential oils in your system. Cleanse your liver. Fortify your body against your personal triggers and calm the central nervous system.

This gives you the very best chance of reducing the likelihood, or at least the severity of your headache when it strikes.

Now I have to say, when we sell this on the stands we get the funniest looks!! People being what they are they love to try the creams and smell how nice they are. Then when I explain that you rub the cream onto your legs, they are so absorbed in the advice they are getting they bend down and do it whilst they are listening! I am sure most people aren't even aware they are doing it!!

I suppose at this point, ladies (well I suppoise I shold say gentlemen for fear of discrimination... but that's another story!) the cream goes straight through tights!!

Rub it onto the outide of the right leg.


I know

But it means that you combine the essential oils with stimulating the accupressure points for the liver and gall baldder.

Bringing the migraine relief alternative therapies together magnifies both of their potency. Again I would stress the importance of vitamin therapy here, in particular, Vitamin B which again is the fuel for the liver.

Do your strange leg thing once a day, again, as I say regardless of whether you have a migraine.

Secondly when you have a migraine, rub the cream into your temples but I find the very best benefit is if you rub it onto the back of the neck. Again there are accupressure points but more importantly the oils get straight into the blood supply and flush immediately to the pituitary gland helping to crack that awful pain.

During an attack I would recommend taking vitamin B Complex every 4 hours, get rid of toxins, reduce the fuel for the migraine.

Rub it on as often as you feel that you need it, there's no chance of overdosing. As with any migraine relief alternative therapy, you should be sure of the safety aspects.

Just a gentle reminder though, this teatment is not suitable for people with epilepsy and also I would say that the nutmeg is not a good oil if you are pregnant.

Neither of those apply to you?

Rosemary in a migraine relief alternative therapy strengthens and detoxifies the liver.

What have you got to lose apart from the pain? And the sickness? And the lying in bed for days of course.

Our usual guarantee applies:

As with all the Apothecary treatments, the migraine relief alternative helps most of the people who use it, but there is always the exception that proves the rule!! Migraine in particular has so many different triggers that we cannnot promise to offer everyone an "absolute cure".

If it turns out that this particular migraine relief alternative turns out not to work for you, just let us know. We can blend a specific migraine relief alternative specifically for you from a hair sample using other oils. In the very, very unlikely chance that neither of these help your migraines then we will be more than happy to refund your money.

A couple of asides which I thought may be of interest to you.

Histamine Cephalalgia is a syndrome where the sufferer endures long periods of searing pain from cluster headaches. Separate from migraines, cluster headaches in fact follow a pattern, and by definition must have at least 5 attacks, all with unilateral pain, that is on the one side of the head.

Unlike a migraine, cluster headaches are episodic and will last only several minutes. However the burning pain only disappears to inflict yet more agony just minutes later. In this condition it is less likely that the poor person will have to endure the vomiting as well.

Ocular migraine without headache symptoms I suppose seems like a bit of a contradiction in terms! It is however possible to suffer the effects of the

ocular migraine purely around the eye area, in which of course there is again vascular involvement. Although rare, this condition can be down to nerve weakness but more commonly to an aneurism or diabetes.

I would like to add here that as far as I know we have had no case histories of either of these two conditions but if a patient came to me, I would treat them with the same essential oils. I see no reason why the treatment would not work just as well as it does for a migraine symptoms treatment. I would love to hear from suffers, for a little more feedback here.

In both of these conditions it is imperative to contact your doctor for advice.

If you are unsure please do not take the risk.

By all means use the essential oils preparation for the migraine symptoms treatment...but get it checked too.

I will take this opportunity to point out that although as aromatherapists we have undergone years of training, not only in the essential oils, but also in Anatomy and Physiology, Massage and Chemistry, we are absolutely not an alternative to your doctor. He diagnoses. Once you are certain of what your condition is, then use the essential oils.

It's a migraine relief alternative, not a replacement for medical advice.

In all cases but especially migraine and "brain-y" things. Treat yourself responsibly please!!

Which brings me neatly to status migrainosus! This is when you do have a migraine, that it is typical of all your others, but you still haven't got rid of it after 72 hours. Its at this point that the stakes are raised. This level of pressure on your blood vessels for such an extended period could lead to a stroke. Again, in cases of suspected

Status Migrainosus it's to the doctors I am afraid.

Migraine relief alternative care is the culmination of many years training as you can imagine.

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