The Face In The Mirror

by Ruth Avellino
(Lancaster, Ohio, United States)

This is a poem I had wrote after surviving being shot in the face by my ex boyfriend.

The Face In The Mirror

The face in the mirror,
Staring at me.
Who is this woman I see.
Could this woman be me!

So many scars,
It's so hard to tell.
Looking into the deep brown eyes,
You can see a woman yell.
It's me! I'm still here!

But this face in the mirror is damaged you can't tell,
That once it was a pretty little girl with pigtails.
Then once a man who bestowed those scars upon her,
And left her dismayed.
Leaving her lie there for days,
In her hospital bed in a daze.
Clinging on for dear life she prays,
Lord, Please let me stay.

This man is still out there,
Waiting for her to revive.
Waiting to see his artwork of scars,
And empty eyes.

The face in the mirror,
Is it really me.
The face in the mirror,
With dreams and wishes.
The face in the mirror,
With scars and stitches,
The face in the mirror,
Is me!

November 25th, 2007, God gave my a second chance at life when I survived the bullet to the face. Now almost 5 years later, I am married to a wonderful man who would never harm me in any way.

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