A fool proof way to ensure you get kissed....
give lilly of the valley.

Lilly of the valley is an essential oil that is rarely used in aromatherapy and I have to say even though mum made these ranges quite a while ago, it's not an oil I know much about.

So ....here's what I have found out!

Interestingly it has benefits that are similar to that of digitalis and so it a heart medicine, but should only be used in the smallest of quantites as it can be quite dangerous

What a lovely surprise I have had to find that in France it is tradition to give someone a sprig of it on May day. Today, as fate would have it is in fact mayday!!

Apparantly Charles IX was given a sprig on May 1st 1561 as a lucky charm, and thus it became tradition.

If you are in fact the lady who recieves the present, you must respond with a kiss.


That puts a whole new reason to give one of these natural products as gifts doesn't it?

It is ruled by the roman god of communication, mercury which is why it is reputed to be able to restore speech and also apparently can instill common sense and improve memory.

In flower language it means happiness. How lovely.... I want a bouquet of these! (Are you listening Man-O'mine?) I have to show you these two sites that I found for their beautiful pictures and their fascinating accounts of how to use this plant in magic. I suppose they are reputed to have so many magical properties because the plant is so poisonous.

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The Lilly of the Valley Toiletries Range

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