essential oil for menopause problems

by yewsee
(milton keynes)

I am now 53, and have been suffering from menopause problems for the last 2-3 years. Suddenly, I have aged overnight and felt not myself for some time. My body aches a lot, and my sleep suffers, and also the damn hot flushes. All these make me irritable and my quality of life is going downhill fast! My memory is not as sharp as before, and forget words!

I try to exercise and walk a lot. I don't eat too much meat,and fairly fit normally. Doctors are not too sympathetic, and was on HRT for a short while, but came off it last year.

I bought some essential oils, but not sure how to use them. I also try Damiana tea, Oat Straw tea, take loads of health pills! They seem to ease my problems a bit.

Can you advise how I can improve my condition and get back to me healthy self?

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Jul 21, 2016
natural oils NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I am looking for oils to use to apply on the outer vaginal skin to help with feminine dryness. I am hormonal age. I also would like to know how to mix the oils. Thank you.

Oct 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Oh dear it does sound like you are having a rough time, I am so sorry to hear it.

Have you trie some rose oil or perhaps geranium oil which are both for balancing the hormones but rose also helps with any problems with oestrogen levels. If you go to the sitemap on the left you will be able to see the links to that page.

Sage oil is very good for the night sweats too, but it is a toxic oil so you have to use it with care. I would use what is called a homeopathic dose. What that means is to use just one drop of the essential oil, and drop that into 15 drops of carrier oil (sunflower perhaps) and then use one drop of that mix. So you are using 1/15th of a dose.

If you feel that you would like to get a specialist to do this for you, if you call The Apothecary, on 01922 629109 or send a hair sample to the address on the contact page, you can have a cream made for you that is exactly made for you. It is a remarkale way of treatment and I have seen it do incredible things, Ask for Jill Cook.

Also have you seen any recipes for the Menopause or HRT cake? It is a recipe by Linda Kearns with alsorts of linseeds etc that are all oestrogen rich, again I have seen fabulous changes from this.

Let us know how you get on...

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