How has this month treated you? The weather here in England is really pretty at the moment with soft September light and all the leaves are changing colour. It's so changeable though, one minute its sunny and warm and the next we have thnder and lihtening and blustery storms!

Since our skin suffers when we start to huddle up in warmer clothes we have included loads of skin care products in the discounts this month.

Massive discounts- you can save a massive 50% when you treat yourself to cleanser, toner and moisturiser in from the prescription skin creams ranges

There is another lovely skin cream (on top of the Exclusives prescription skin care) which is perfect for treating your skin at this time of year. - Skin Refining Cream Normally £23 we have reduced the price to £15

I have put a big focus on how we treat

Eczema with essential oils. At The Apothecary we make a number of products which treat all varieties of Eczema. Calendula plays a big part in the treatment so I have gathered together loads of info about the plant, and there is some interesting data on how it is used in connection with breast cancer treatment.

Marigold also appears in our Marigold and myrrh hand cream so we have discounted this for you too, read about how it works. Indulging my passion for all things rose, we thought we would make a full set of Cuticle Cream and the lovely English Rose Hand Cream too.

Rose has so many uses I thought that I would expand on it and make it this months oil. As well as notes specific to gynecology and rose as an aphrodisiac, there are also notes about why rose is such a fantastic oil for skin care and also for the emotions, leading to a chart of which oils can help with aspects of depression.

On a lighter note,when we intended to bring out our new after shave called Montgreenan and we hit on an lovely coincidence that an archeological dig was happening just down the road at Killwilling abbey...interesting links arose over and over. I think you will be fascinated to read about the dig too. I have been keeping in touch with the archeologists and the progress of the dig... you read all about it on their facebook page.

What news?

Mum has been really busy mixing essential oils and straining perfume for the launch of her new team of party planners who will be selling her perfumes and skin care in the run up the christmas.

It's a really exciting time for the company knowing that we shall have so many people getting to try the new perfumes that she has designed.

We are interviewing for new agents next week in Walsall, in a gorgeous church that has been converted into a shopping centre and conference ccentre.

The room that we have hired is so pretty as the sunshine floods through the stained glass.

Here's hoping for a brilliant day!

I have been very busy being published in some fantastic journals too. An article on Tuberose has appeared in the magazine that oes out to the National Register of Aromatherapists in New Zealand and the International Federation of Aromatherapists are priniting my article on Galbanum later this month. Although I cannot post the articles untill they appear in print, I shall be able to make them available to you in the near future.

A wonderful bi-product of this is that we have developped a good following in New Zealand so I want to take this opportunity to pass my best wishes to Christchurch and in and around the earthquke devastation.

Also up and coming soon, is the chance to hear mum and I on blog radio talking to Rainbow Technique expert Stacey Hall. Stacey s radio shows are fascinating, ao if you are interested in hearing more about her ways of using the oils, you can hear her show at Staceys Radio show Stacey and I are currently setting up arrangements for the show and I shall let you know when details have been confirmed.

Have a really wonderful month and I shall be in touch soon.

Love and Light


PS Don't forget that any postage and packaging fees over 15% on multiple purchases can be reimbursed to you immediately.