Well this is the first of the christmas cards I have written and it feels very strange to realise that it is just 9 months since we started this website and so many of you have become regular customers and feel almost friends.

This last month has been a strange one as we started off at the NEC at the Crafts Alive at Christmas Show and were able to meet some of you and put faces to names, which was lovely.

It felt great treating face to face again for a while.

When we came home though, we have had a very poorly baby, as Dex has had the winter vomiting virus and I have had a really bad cough which set off my pleurisy pains again. I thought it may be helpful to let you know what oils I used to help.

The lovely Stacey Hall had a great tip for using Young Living Essential Oils to unblock sinuses and she suggested using just one drop of Wintergreen oil on the palm and placing on the back of the neck.

I think that the oils that I use would be too concentrated and since it is considered a hazardous oil on the IFA list, I decided to try diluting it as a 1/15th drop in sesame oil. It was certainly effective in cutting through the gunk that was stuffing up my nose, and I could feel it right in the rearmost sinuses, but the effect was quite shortlived unfortunately.

In the end I reverted back to our sinus treatment and was amazed how fast the cold started to subside. Thank goodness for the antibiotic effects of the myrrh and teatree!

As many of you will know, I have a weak lung after having a pulmonary embolism when I was carrying Dex and struggle when I get a cold. My coughing always escalated to dramatic levels and aggravates the old pains I developed when I had pleurisy as a side effect of the blood clot.

I found the most relief from the coughing using a blend of myrtle and Inula oils in the bath each night. It seemed to soothe the pain in my back and ribs.

Poor old Dex has a terrible time with the sickness and diarrhoea and so I loaded him with loads of tea-tree, ravensara and manuka oils to kill his bug.

I put a drop of tea-tree in the fabric softener when I washed his sheets too...and my goodness there were loads of them!

The worst part was that he had some horrid colicky stomach pains after the sickness had stopped. I used a warm compress with mandarin (green) and dill oils on his tummy and in his bath.

To say I have been even shorter on sleep than usual is an understatement, but rose bath oil got me through.

This month we have reduced the prices of the medicinal main ranges from £23 to an amazing £12.50 for the christmas period, so don't miss out. and then I thought that you may want to have a fresh look at the toiletries and single note perfumes that we do, for the most beautiful gifts or of course a treat for yourself.

As promised, for the technicians amongst you,
I have finished the pages on the effects that stress and 21st century living have on the liver and adrenals and I also added the stress formulae that we shall be offering out ot therapists to use to support their patiets care.

So all that remains is to wonder what next year will bring us and to wish you all a very peaceful new year.

I hope that you get everything you wish for.

Love and light and a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukka.