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Meet us and try our products for free this weekend.
November 04, 2010
Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoyng all the halloween festivities.

This is just a really quick note as I an preparing all your christmas special offers to come out to you in a couple of weeks.

It struck me, though that the more local of you all may like to come down and see us at the Crafts Alive at Christmas Show at The National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham this week.

It's a great chance to have a look at all the different products that we make that haven't made it onto the site yet and have a lovely time trying out all the testers.

I am really excited to meet up with all our old regular customers, and it would be great to meet up with new ones too.

Make sure you come and say HI! and introduce yourselves.

You can find more details here, and also about the free entry to the Hobbycraft show.

For those of you who are too far away you can snuggle up by the fire and have a read about the aura and chakras. I have also finally got found to posting the articles that I did for the International Federation of Aromatherapists magazaine on Galbanum and for the New Zealand Register of Aromatherapists on Tuberose. Whilst you are dreaming about the lovely heady romance of Tuberose, why don't you have a dream about our gorgeous perfumes? Enjoy the luxury whilst you can....for the scholars amongst you I am writing about how stress affects the liver and adrenals for the next info newsletter.

See you all soon, I hope.

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